To be the first sustainable agro-industrial company producing top-quality products. We make efforts to provide opportunities for growth and development to our employees, our trading partners and the communities where we carry out our operations.


To be an admired and reliable company. To constantly improve all the aspects of the context where EDL carries out its operations, launching initiatives to benefit society as a whole.

Estancias del Lago runs a sustainable agro industrial establishment for the production of milk powder, located in the interior of the country in the province of Durazno. The facilities occupy premises of more than 37,000 hectares, mainly in the centre of the country.
Fertirrigation agriculture and intensive and selective livestock breeding are complemented by the use of the most modern industrial processes in order to continuously assess the product, which meets international standards of quality.
Fertilisers and fossil fuels are replaced by the use of renewable energy, and the use of chemicals and emissions of gases favouring the greenhouse effect are kept to a minimum.
The company’s main product is milk powder. In total, 20,000 tons will be produced annually, this is obtained at the company’s own dairy farm, which will have more than 13,000 milking animals, one of the largest not only in the country but also in the region.

AgricultureAgriculture: intensive production, protecting the environment

Our commitment to the environment is very much present in the agricultural production that we will be carrying out, with :

  • 230 tons/day of solid biofertilisers and 1,300 m3/day for fertirrigation.
  • 17,000 tons per year of grain production in their own fields.
  • 2,300 annual tons of biofuels for the generation of thermal energy.
  • Over 4 million m3 of water reservoirs.

Cattle breeding

Cattle breeding: agriculture – cattle breeding integration

Our agricultural produce is fed to our cattle, thus optimizing the conditions to obtain top-quality milk:

  • 17,400 tons of soybean expeller will be produced to feed animals in breeding.
  • There will be 15,600 penned cows.
  • Milking cows with outstanding genetic features.


Dairy production: from land to consumer

Due to all of this, our powdered milk is the product of a rigorous process where:

  • There will be 13,000 cows in production.
  • We will obtain 450,000 litres of fluid milk for processing each day.
  • Full traceability of dairy products (100%).


Industry: best quality, minimal environmental impact

Always bearing in mind the respect for the environment, a core idea that is reflected in our industry:

  • 20,000 tons of high quality whole milk powder will be produced.
  • The most modern fluid milk, dehydrating plant only 150 m from other production areas of the same agro industrial establishment.
  • The continuous processing and production, ensures the preservation, stability and quality of the end product.