Why is Estancias del Lago sustainable?

The sustainability of resources occurs when the means and the environment are known, used responsibly and efficiently and preserved allowing their renewal.

In Estancias del Lago we study, monitor and manage the natural resources (water, air, noise, biodiversity, soil, waste, effluent), preserving the human capital (prevention of accidents, health surveillance, training) and acting responsibly in regard to the community (social participation), creating the necessary conditions for continuous improvement.

We combine the best knowledge of farming production in Uruguay (what we know how to do) with cutting-edge technologies in areas like ferti-irrigation, embryo transplants, animal welfare, milking systems, use of biodigesters (the picture below) and product processing (powdered milk), using renewable energies and complying with the highest national and international standards in each area.

This project is materialized with the support of national and international investments, the Uruguayan State through its different administrations, and the support of all the staff and collaborators who actively take part in the achievements of this organization.